Tips for tanning indoors

Many people love the feeling of getting bronze, tanned skin before they hit the beach and one way to do that is by spending time in an indoor tanning booth. There are many ways to get a healthy glow when spending time in a tanning bed and we’re here to offer you some ideas to get the best deal and to make your tan last.


Before you decide on any salon tanning bed, make certain you look around for special offers from various salons that provide tanning for their customers. You can usually find great prices on tanning packages if you spend the time looking. When you’re making your tanning appointment, you will want to purchase some tanning lotion – the kind specifically made for tanning beds – to enhance the time you spend there.


Prepping your skin before you head to the tanning booth will help you get the best tan. Exfoliation is crucial to a beautiful, even tan. You will also want to moisturize both before and after a tanning session to keep your pores open and amenable to the tan. Again, indoor tanning lotion will enhance your bronzing time!


You need to decide whether you want to tan in the nude or in a bathing suit. Obviously nude tanning will leave your skin evenly tanned and with no tan lines, but a suit will let you see exactly how tan you’re getting. Work with the tanning salon professionals to determine the best amount of time for you to be in the tanning booth. Depending on the hue of your skin you may need to start out slowly and work your way up to a longer session.


Tanning in a tanning bed is a great way to get yourself a base tan before you hit the beach!


Why Maintaining a Clean Tanning Bed is Crucial

Keeping a clean commercial tanning bed is a crucial component of an enjoyable tanning experience and keeping clients coming back for more. After all, there’s no way you your clients would want to dry off with a soiled towel or use unwashed silverware, so why would they want to lay down on a dirty commercial tanning bed?

A clean commercial tanning bed will perform better and more efficiently, meaning less costly repairs or tanning bed replacements. You should clean a commercial tanning bed after every session, as well as perform thorough cleanings every week, to keep it clean and performing at an optimal level.

The ultraviolet, or UV, lamps in a commercial tanning bed cannot do their job if they have a barrier of dirt or dust on them. If there’s dirt or dust on the UV lamps, your clients will not enjoy as deep a tan as they have requested. All of the tanning bed’s trays, fans, and tanning acrylics must also be cleaned on a regular basis.

Cleaning your commercial tanning bed is simple as long as you follow a correct procedure. Remove the tanning acrylics, which cover the lamps, and then remove the lamps. Wipe down the reflector with a clean, damp cloth and follow up by cleaning the lamps and bulbs. Then, simply replace the clean parts back into the bed. Be sure you also clean the ballast tray to keep it dust-free. A dusty ballast tree not only impairs the performance of your commercial tanning bed, but also acts as a fire hazard.

A clean tanning bed makes for clean and happy customers. So be sure the beds in your salon or home are in tiptop shape.